Pandemic food diary

A Shopping Trip, and the Norway Cemetery

Shopping and cooking have acquired intense meaning during the pandemic, a way to make sense of a turbulent world. This is the first in a series I’m writing, using food and foodways as a way to write about and understand my own experience of the pandemic and connect it to local and global issues….

Recipes for Trouble

To Say Goodbye

When are you going to write something new said The Scrabble Player. I check your blog every day. You do? I asked incredulous. And then: I think I’m done. Scrabble Player nodded in her mild, earnest way and added, quite seriously Maybe. You. Need. To. Say. Goodbye. We’ve both been dealing with good bye,…

Recipes for Trouble

The Absence Fills

Sometimes there are no words that can comfort. Instead, friends bring flavours, smells, textures. They bring pastry, and chocolate mousse cake. The Animator cooks me fish and rice. Others bring a fruit tart in the depths of winter. Mangoes. A casserole. The Queer Colleague drove all the way to her favourite bakery uptown to…