You Are Now Entering The Eastern Bloc

Sometimes, Toronto’s East End (especially around Gerrard Street) feels like East Berlin before The Wall came down. Like cool cafes have been outlawed by The Party. Like neighbourhood committees have decreed a particular shade of grey.

Restaurants in this end of town rarely make it to the review pages of major or minor papers (although Joanne Kates did give a rave review to Pide Pizza recently – blocks from my house!). Friends weep at the thought of travelling all the way to my hood.

But the thing is, I live in the Eastern Bloc now.

For the next while, I’ve decided to focus on the smells and tastes of my newly adopted neighbourhood. Restaurant and cafe reviews. Great places to have coffee. Spices and vegetables from India Town and Chinatown East.

Writing about it will make it feel more like home, and the cooking…that’s when and how I land.

Come join me in the Eastern Bloc. Stay tuned.

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