Cherry Party!

The cherries on my backyard tree fed the birds while I was in Europe…

but I had a cherry party anyway.

Neighbours came from across the street and across the city

bearing all manner of cherry concoction, including cherry /goat cheese tarts, cherried chicken, pork kebabs with cherry marinade, cherry/feta/romaine salad….

But as is usually the case with a cherry party, the desserts stole the show.

Cherry clafouti, cherry pie, and a cherry-centric fruit salad by Hair Dude and Librarian, topped with creamy custard and meringues….

The Diasporic Filmmaker said, sounding for all the world like an Iron Chef contestant, It. Was. A. Good. Challenge.


  1. It is always nice to obtain new tips for recipes combined with easy to understand approaches to create them. My partner and I put together this dish for dinner last saturday. Everyone loved it, most definitely I’ll be serving it on a regular basis from now on.

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