I Heart My Friends


Valentine’s Day is for friends.


The folks who humour you at the beginning of a relationship and hand you tissues at the end.

And then do the same thing again the next time you fall in love, and the time after that.


The beautiful kooky silly ridiculous familiar-as-old corduroy-pants friends who come over and do your dishes because you broke your wrist.


Who eat your food with reverence.


Who are sometimes annoying or bossy or way-to-honest.

Who take a plane to San Francisco to catch up with you for the weekend. Who show up at your door unannounced. Come to your grandma’s funeral. Send you funny webcam photos to cheer you up.


Buy you a fancy Italian meal cuz they loved your book. Have lunch with you every other week. Go to every single reading, book launch and film screening.


Aren’t fooled by you.


Are stuck with you.


(And you, them).

Happy Valentines.



  1. this post cheered me up a lot. !
    things here have been sort of intense as of late and i find myself valuing my friends so much these days and it’s nice to hear that echoed.
    keep healing well.

  2. I love that you posted this! with friend pictures! I agree completely. my friends are my family, my community, my truth & my mirror. without them I’d be empty and without reason.

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