It Doesn’t Get More Local Than This…


Driving slowly in the rain along the Cape, looking for the fish guy. Details as to his wherabouts are vague


Along comes this fishing boat. Three Native guys, funny and sweet. Sell us a whole trout for five dollars.


There’s such casual pride in this gesture.


“How should I cook it?” I ask. “Stuff it,” says the guy. “With what?” “Stuffing!” he says.

The rain stops. Back at the campsite, the fish gets stuffed with lemon and lime, dill, almonds and butter, and is then wrapped in foil and placed on a grill over the campfire.



Paired with pasta coated in homemade pesto and grilled corn from the Owen Sound Farmers Market, it’s an awesome meal to have as the sun begins to set over Cape Croker.


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  1. That’s one mouth watering meal there, Guitar Player!

    Last year my neighbour came home with a rotting oak log impregnated with shitake mushroom spore and plonked it down decoratively in the front yard shadows. We are wondering if it will blossom so keep watering the log hopefully. The mushroom farm is just north of Stouffeville. I think the farmer has a booth at the local farmer’s market.

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