Everything I Ate on Dyke Day


9:12 a.m.: Yogurt with fresh Ontario strawberries and Harbord bakery granola, washed down with a latte, alone, on my deck.


11:47 a.m. Dimsum (har gow, turnip cakes, deep fried shrimp and mango thingies, spiced ribs, many kinds of dumplings, green tea) with The Guitar Player and friends Terri and Cap, at Rol San on Spadina, just before the Dyke March. It was a lovely, gentle way to begin a hot, steaming, over-stimulating day.


4:20p.m.: Sangria and a “Rhett Butler” (cranberry, pomegranate and vodka) on the patio of Hair of the Dog Pub, after the Dyke March, brought to the table by a very happy Guitar Player. [We’d marched with the “honoured group”, Dykes Planning Tykes, which was surprisingly thrilling for GP, herself a very unsentimental but devoted lesbian mom].


6:45 p.m.: Nacho chip with Terri’s special salsa and guacamole, at a lesbian potluck BBQ. A wonderful respite from the crowds, in a garden tended by two of my most admired queer musicians, full of vegetables, bordered by roses.


7:42 p.m.: Lesbian potluck in Connie and Rachel’s backyard, continued: Grilled maple syrup salmon, potato salad, and Greek salad made by The Guitar Player and Yours Truly. Finished off with a free Indigo Girls concert off of Wellesley, and several thousand elated, stoned, exhausted, proud, cynical, idealistic, clean-and-sober, young, old, middle-aged, uninhibited, dykes.

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