Sweet and Sour


Have you ever tasted anything you thought would be sweet – but it had never ripened? Did you keep tasting it, to see if you could find some sweetness there?

“Mom, I have a sour feeling,” said the little boy in Luna Cafe. He’d just had a swig of Orangina. He shivered, with an unfamiliar pleasure, and then took another, careful sip.

Is love an acquired taste? Does it have an acidic note too? Would sweetness without contrast be too dull a flavour?

Does the ripening happen only when you’re ready for it?


Philisophizing aside, here’s a delcious recipe for grilled chicken legs, that combines sweet, sour and spicy in the simplest way. It mixes up in less than five minutes, and doesn’t require marinating time – you just rub into onto the chicken. It cooks up moist and chewy. I guarantee this will become one of your top 5 summer recipes!

Chili, Lime & Honey Chicken Legs

2 tblspns chili powder
1 tblspn mild honey
1 tbslpn fresh lime juice
1 tspn salt
1/2 tspn black pepper
6 chicken drumsticks

Stir together chili powder, honey, lime, salt & pepper in latge bowl, then add chicken and coat completely.
Grill at medium heat, turning constantly, for about 15-20 minutes.



  1. This is definitely something I am going to try this summer. Lately with the spring finally in Vancouver, I have been addicted to this simple Mexican salad. Peeled cucumbers and carrots tossed with lime juice, coarse salt and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Goes with a decent BC gew

  2. Biljana, I can’t wait to try your Mexican salad. I’m pretty sure it will go great with the lime chile chicken! I’ll be launching Comfort Food for Breakups in Vancouver May 24 7pm at barbara jo’s books to cooks, further info on the sidebar on this blog. hope to see you there!

  3. Great! I got the info and I’ll see you there. PS. You know May 24th is a huge literary holiday in Bulgaria. It is called “Alphabet Day” or the day we celebrate the Cyrillic alphabet and Slavic literary culture. Coincidence?

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