The Season of Darkness and Light

Thesis Writing Service In Chennai Phd Thesis Embedded Systems Epiphanies and errant drifts of light, on the road to somewhere else. On the way to Kensington Market for a Solstice Parade, we stop into a small gallery on College Street. I heard about it on the radio: a menorah lighting for the first day of Chanukah. buy pacific music papers magic writer

next The room is warm, and smells of sweaters and candles and oranges. A young rabbi greets us. Candles are lit, songs are sung. The confluence between solstice and Chanukah is debated. We miss the parade, but then chance upon a bonfire, drumming, and a crowd of people carrying lanterns, on the longest night of the year.

source site A few days later. I am cooking up the perogies, warming the cabbage rolls. It’s Christmas Eve. Candles flicker; pleasure, humour, and all the small anxieties of the season fill the air. Our musician guests pull out their accordian, their mandolin. Klezmer music ensues.

Custom Essay Service what is essay The next day, I get on a plane. It’s late on Christmas night. I stand to stretch my legs. I see a field of small tv screens, a private, electronic starry starry night.

see url We drive to my brother’s house on Boxing Day: our belated Christmas Dinner and my mother’s eighty-fifth birthday. There is a comfortable expectant silence in the car. Outside the window: fir trees, strings of lights, an indigo prairie sky, and a crescent moon, glow.

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andrea beetz dissertation I finally crash the next day. It has been an exhausting season, and a year full of hurdles, extremes of darkness and light. I am weepy, disconsolate. My mother comforts me. My brother cooks dinner. Diffidently, casually, he produces a wondrously silky Thai curry. I eat it sleepily, gratefully.

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Here’s to families, chosen and inherited, straight and queer, and the breaking of new light.

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